Monday, October 15, 2007

A Johns Saturday

We took some cute pictures on Saturday that I wanted to share. Kallie went to another baby shower with me this week. I think she's enjoying getting to do girl stuff. This time she wanted to wear a dress & wanted me to braid her hair.
She brought baby Emma along with her. Here she is swinging her around.
Seth is quite the daddy's boy these days. He thinks his daddy can do anything. Here was the conversation at the table during our after-school snack today:

It's really good that we have Daddy, isn't it?
Me: Yes, he's a good daddy.
Seth: We need him, because you can't even drill.
Me: Nope, I can't drill.
(He then proceeds to name all of the other things I can't do that Daddy can do.)
Me: Well, it's a good thing you have me, too, because there are things Daddy can't do, right?
Seth: Yeah, like...(he stops to think for a really, really, really long time) you can touch the ceiling & Daddy can't.
Me: Yep.

Not quite what I was going for but true nonetheless. But I can't blame him. We do have a good daddy. He gets Seth up every morning & gets him ready for school. They walk everyday & sometimes take the dogs along. And then Shane does homework and reading with Seth every afternoon. They also throw a lot of footballs together. It sure does make this mommy's life just a little easier. And hey, I'm always there to save the day when there's a light bulb to change. On a side note, Shane's response to all this was, "Well, not every daddy can be a legend." Hilarious.
Luke was trying to throw the football at the park on Saturday. This was after he watched Daddy & Seth for a while. It was so funny, because he kept trying to get it over his shoulder and it would just fall back behind him every time.

Look Mom, no hands!

What a sweet boy.

I love this picture. He looks like such a big man. And no, Mom, I'm not pregnant. It's just the shirt.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So much to share!

Kallie started Mother's Day Out on Tuesday. Here she is on her first day. She was so excited. She's been saying forever that when she turns 4 she gets to go to 4-year-old school. She's in a class with 5 other boys. I was a little worried at first that she wouldn't like it, but I think she's holding her own. When I picked her up today her teacher commented that of course she likes it because she has 5 boyfriends! Here was the conversation in the car this afternoon:

Kallie: Mommy, know what Sam told me today?


Kallie: That he loves me.

Me: Did he say anything else?

Kallie: Yes, that he's going to marry me. But we didn't kiss.

Me: Good, you're not allowed to kiss boys.

Kallie: I'm going to marry Connor anyway. Sam doesn't know where I live.

Yep, I think she's just fine. Here's a few other pictures we took in the front yard last week.

These are the roses Shane brought home to me last week. Isn't he sweet?
Here we are at Six Flags on Monday. We decided to take a family day, a rare occasion for us lately. Here's Shane & Seth walking around in their camel packs. Those guys are two peas in a pod. I just hope they include Luke when he's big enough to care. ;) Seth rode the big roller coasters with Shane...the upside down twisty ones! And loved it.

We got Luke to wear his hat for a little while, but his head was getting sweaty & I think it was bothering him. Like I said, I'm not sure he was cut from the same mold as his Daddy & big brother. By this age Seth's hat was a permanent fixture to his head.

Seth was really sweet and helped Kallie in and out of all the kiddie rides. He pretended like he was just going on them with her as a favor, but you could tell he really wanted to.

Luke really wasn't into it. It was hot & he didn't get it that the rides were supposed to be fun.

This was Kallie's reaction to all of the fright fest skeletons & creatures that were all over the park. She loved getting her picture made with Scooby Doo & Bugs Bunny. Luke wouldn't go near them.

Seth is really into football these days. He got all dressed like this on Saturday and asked me to take his picture. He kept asking me if he looked cool enough. And he said he had to frown so he'd look cooler. I'm not sure what the hand out front means, but I'm sure it has something to do with being cool. I mean, come on, he's SIX, what will it be like when he's a teenager??

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kallie, oh Kallie

So Kallie went with me to her first baby shower on Saturday. It's sort of a girl's right-of-passage, so I was excited she really wanted to go! We found these cute matching outfits at Target the day before & decided to wear them, which she thought was really fun & special. Anyway, that morning we were in the car on the way there & she said, "So we're just going to watch Mrs. Vicki take a shower?" I contained myself and tried to explain it all to her. Her response to my very long & very thorough explanation was, "Oh, so we're just going to watch the baby take a shower?" I gave up on the explanation, and even afterwards on the way home she was still feeling a bit confused. One day sweet girl, one day.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Messy can be fun!

Seth & Kallie were bored yesterday & were begging for an art project to do. So we did some hand-painting! Kallie's the parrot & Seth's the alligator.
Messy (but happy) boy! And the chicken parmesan was YUM!