Friday, April 27, 2007

One more week to be a baby!

Here's some pics from our front yard this evening. I'll be posting big-boy-one-year-old pictures in a WEEK! (sob, sob)

Watch out first grade... he comes!

After our end-of-the-year conference with Seth's kindergarten teacher yesterday, we headed to his new school to register for 1st grade! It's next door to our neighborhood, so we just took a walk! After seeing the car line backed up to pick up kids, I think we're going to be walking alot.

Seth in his new library...

The one and only time he'll get to ride a scooter through the halls...

Are we sure he's ours?

Only because his Daddy & his Papa would rather eat dirt than peas...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Our conversation in the car on the way home from church yesterday:

Seth: Mommy, you are one hot girl.
Me: What did you say?? (laughing quietly)
Shane: Seth, where did you hear that?
Seth: On TV.
Shane: Do you know what means?
Seth: No. What does it mean?
Shane: Well, it means really, really pretty. But we don't say hot, we just say pretty, ok?
Seth: Ok.
Shane: But Mommy's pretty hot, huh?
Seth: Yeah Mom, you're a hot girl.
Me: (smiling)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The world through the eyes of a PK...

PK is preacher's kid in case you didn't know :)
So Seth's teacher sends home these "traveling books" every so often. It's a book where each kid in the class does one page. He brought one home this week entitled "If I Were President".

Here's what the other kids wrote:

(If I were President I would...)
-work at a desk
-make money
-build houses
-paint cars
-help people
-be in the army
-help make the rules
-give poor people wheels for their cars

And here's what Seth wrote...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Way too many Easter pictures...but hey, that's okay, right?

These first ones were actually taken last week when we went to the Fort Worth Botannical Gardens with friends for a picnic & pictures. Here are the kids trying to get Luke to stand up...

Success, finally!

Sweet boy! Can you believe he's 11 months old??

Seth & Kallie's best friends are Ethan & Connor...

A few more...

These are from today (Easter morning)...

Would you believe it was FREEZING today? It actually snowed yesterday...and not just little flurries, it was really coming down for a while (nothing stuck though). Shane & I laughed that only in Texas can you wear shorts at Christmas and your ski jacket on Easter. Oh how I miss the beach!

Isn't that a sweet look???

Crawling around the church like he owns the place...

Kallie after church...and jumping up & down in the parking lot...

Luke got a fridge farm in his Easter basket. He loves it!

Some friends invited us over for Easter lunch after church & the kids had a big egg hunt in the backyard! (In their coats, of course!) Luke made it through lunch, but was sacked out after that.

This was Kallie decorating eggs Friday night...

When we got home today this is how Kallie's eye looked. We're not sure what she's allergic to, but something got her. She was our one child that we thought didn't have any allergies! (By the way, a brand new report ranked the DFW area #2 in the country for wonder our kids are always sick!)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

I just got back from leading worship at our ladies Spring Retreat. When I walked in the front door, Kallie said, "Mommy did you have fun trick-or-treating?" It honestly took half the day before it hit me how her little mind came up with that. I was actually pretty relieved when I discovered the connection...if you know Kallie you know that it's not unusual to never find the connection. She's cute though. :)

Tonight Shane was reading a book to Seth. It was a new book he got at the school book fair about insects. Shane decided it would be a good teaching opportunity & started explaining the process of metamorphasis to Seth, going into great detail about the cocoon, etc. In the midst of it, Seth said, "Dad, that part is called the chrysalis." Look it up, he's right! Shane just laughed & laughed that he was "showed up" by a 5-year-old! Ha!