Sunday, December 02, 2007


Well, I'm usually not in the habit of telling embarrassing stories about myself, but this one's just too funny.

Shane was off on his youth retreat last night and I was home alone with the kids (minus Seth who stayed with Shane...isn't he a big boy!!??) Anyway, it was about midnight and the kids had been asleep for a few hours, and I was sitting at my computer working on some pictures when I heard a really, REALLY loud crash inside my house. I mean, it was so loud that I did not even hesitate for a millisecond to pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1. I've been spooked before, but usually I just walk around and make sure everything's alright. But I just couldn't imagine a crash this big happening without someone causing it. The operator answered and I explained the situation and just told her I wanted her to be on the phone with me while I walked through the house. I decided that if there was a boogie man ready to snatch me, I wanted someone to hear me scream! I walked through every room, checked the doors and windows, checked on the kids, and finally told her that everything looked fine. I convinced myself that it had to have been the dogs outside (even though I KNEW it came from inside) and went to bed.

This morning I had forgotten about it, but I was getting the kids ready for church, and we went in their bathroom to fix Kallie's hair. And wouldn't you know the whole, huge shower rod...curtain, rings & all...was lying smack dab in the middle of the tile floor. I felt better knowing I didn't imagine it, but then also giggled to myself (or maybe at myself). I'm just glad I didn't let them send a police officer out here to check it out...that would have been embarrassing.

It reminds me of when I was pregnant with Kallie, and one night there was a loud noise in the middle of the night, and I sat up in bed and screamed. Shane got up and discovered the metal razor suction-cup holder thingy had fallen in the shower. We went back to sleep but a few hours later I rolled over and my water broke. Shane is convined to his day that I scared Kallie out. That probably explains why she lives for the dramatic. ;)

It's sad, but I actually have a few other similar stories I could share, but I think I'll just stop now.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Luke's First Haircut

Here's the BEFORE picture. Yikes! It was definitely time for a trim!

My friend Amanda cut it over at her house. He barely has any hair so I couldn't justify even a $10 Supercuts style! We strapped him in a booster seat and bribed him with a snack and a cartoon.

He sat there like such a big man!

Is that a good-lookin' head or what?? SOOOOO much better!

Here's the AFTER shot. How cute are those eyes??