Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, we WERE making strides in our social confidence (see post below) until Mommy goofed and told the story about the playground shenanigans to the teenage girls at church, who then talked to Seth, who then went to bed crying because he was embarrassed. Way to go, Mommy. So if you see Seth, don't mention it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Job Day

All of the first grade classes had a job parade today where everyone dressed up as what they wanted to be one day. Seth was a paleontologist. That's a dinosaur in his hat.

This wasn't his first choice though. His first choice was to work for Mythbusters, but even this mommy isn't that creative in the costume department. Plus, what would the other first-graders think??

Paleontologist is definitely a "safe" costume. And don't think for a second that Seth didn't consider that when choosing his career ambition.

Shane went to see the parade & said he was praying the whole time that Seth would make it to the end without a meltdown. And he did great. He walked around as a proud paleontologist!

We are definitely making strides in our social confidence. In fact, he came home today very excited to tell me that he chased Jennifer & Joanna (twins) all over the playground today. He thought this was great.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Through the eyes of a 4-year-old...

Kallie: Mommy, are you old?
Me: No! (emphatically)
Kallie: Then why are your elbows wrinkly?

I've decided "old" is a matter of perspective.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why is this one so hard?

We have three children, and between them we have celebrated eleven birthdays. So why does this one feel different? I don't ever remember feeling quite so emotional and sentimental about a birthday. I mean, it's not even a milestone year or anything.

Maybe it's because she stayed a baby so much longer than Seth. He grew up so fast. Kallie has remained so innocent.

Maybe it's because she's the second one, and now I realize how fast they grow. I know that this is probably the last year she'll fit in the front part of the grocery cart. She's almost too big now. Or the last year she'll want me to carry her. Or that we're getting to the end of the time I can put big bows in her hair. And that it's the last year she'll be home with me all day long.

Maybe it's because she's just so sweet. Like the way she says "Yes Momma" to every single thing I say right now. And the way she cuddles with me on the couch at night and in the mornings while we're waiting for Luke to wake up.

Maybe it's the "innocent" things she says and the questions she asks. Like when I was buying limes at the grocery store today, and she said "No! I don't like green oranges!" Or tonight when she asked me where the music was coming from & I showed her the speaker & she wanted to know if someone was inside it singing. Or yesterday when she asked me when her party was & I told her at 6, and she said "But I'm not 6! Seth is 6!" And the way we had to start practicing a few weeks ago so that when her birthday got here she'd know how old she was.

Maybe it's because I appreciate the relationship I have with my own mom more than I ever have before & I know how special this mother/daughter thing really is.

Maybe it's because I want her to be sweet and innocent forever. I want her to always believe everything that I tell her. Four seems so much older than three. Four comes right before five, and five's just too old.

It's hard to believe four years and one day ago we had never seen her pretty face. We are so blessed to have our sweet Kallie.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kallie's Birthday

We celebrated Kallie's 4th birthday last night with a little cookout. Here are the pics:

Kallie & I made strawberry Tinkerbell cupcakes while Seth was at school...

This morning I was commenting how clean my kitchen floor was even after the party....Shane quickly reminded me that the kiddos ate outside. Not sure what that face was about...

...but it didn't last long!

The kids in this picture represent only 3 families.
Kallie - 3 (not a typo, she's 3 until Sunday, right?)
Luke - 1
Ethan - 5
Juliana - 5
Mariana - 3
Bennett - 1
Seth - 6
Noah - 1
Connor - 3

Can you guess what's in the box?

Noah & Bennett were popping up & down on the banister. It was cute.

Luke enjoyed dumping out all the play food from Uncle Brian & Aunt Mary.

Here's Daddy JOYFULLY putting together the kitchen. He is practicing his patience for Christmas.

Seth & Kallie had planned this "slumber party" all week.

This morning I thought Kallie was still asleep when she came walking in Luke's room wearing her tiara, earrings, and carrying her new Cinderella Barbie from the Cuppett's. Here she's giving her a bath in the sink...

I love having a new toy in the house. They played up there ALL DAY!

To Nana ~ Love Seth

Sorry about the video quality, I used the wrong camera! Turn it way up to hear it - but he says, "Hey Nana, I made this picture 'cause you are as pretty as a butterfly and I love you very much. Bye."

Kallie was feeling a little left out and wanted to record a video too. She is singing a song she made up. I don't even know what she's saying so sorry, no translation, although it's something like "all of the hearts are mine." It may seem strange, but y'all, this is typical Kallie.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

16 months...

Luke is now 16 months, and there are so many things about him at this age that I don't want to forget:

- He actually builds with legos now. (As opposed to the previous lego stage, where he just threw them across the room.) He picks out all the square pieces and stacks them up to make a big tower. This takes a lot of concentration for such a little guy, and there are definitely moments of frustration.

- He still grunts when he wants something. We keep thinking he will grow out of this, but I think it's not going to happen until he can actually communicate in words. I've decided that he sounds like a baby wookie.

- He "reads" books. He babbles the cutest sentences. It is a fascinating language. He's just started the stage where he brings you a book and plops in your lap so that you'll read it to him. So cute!

- He barks anytime he sees anything that could possibly resemble a dog. It's a really high-pitched, screechy bark.

- He mashes his food. He's not very hungry lately, or else maybe it's just more fun to mash it all up. It doesn't matter if it's Cheez-it's or a banana, he'll eat it for a while, and then take his thumb and mash it into a million pieces.

- He is scared of the top of the steps. He'll high-tail it up, but is petrified to get near the entrance to go down.

- He is into EVERYTHING still. Very mischevious. See picture below.

- He is nowhere near wanting to relinquish the beloved pacie.

(This is what he did while I typed. And yes, it's sharpie. I later found it all over the kitchen tile & all over one of my kitchen chairs. What does that look on his face say?)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pacies, teddy bears & doesn't get any better than this!

Luke is so cute in the mornings. On Tuesdays I go to staff meeting at church, so Mrs. Amy is going to start watching Luke & Kallie for me. I had to wake Luke up to get him ready & he was still sleepy & so sweet & cuddly. He had a pacie in his mouth, one in his hand, a cup & a teddy bear and he wouldn't part with any of it until we got to Mrs. Amy's house.

Yeah, I know, it seems like we have lots of pictures like this, but playtime with Daddy on the floor is always too cute & fun for me not to break out the camera. Luke loves the rough-housing.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

In honor of my dad's 56th birthday tomorrow, here are 56 things about him:

1. He lives on an island.

2. One of his favorite things to do is walk on the beach with my mom.

3. When we were growing up he would always wear tennis shoes on the beach.

4. Now he wears sandals.

5. If he's not at work or church, he's probably wearing a hat.

6. He enjoys golf, especially with his sons & son-in-law.

7. As a boy he had a dog named Sandy who ran away & never came back.

8. If you ask him, he'll sing you a song about it, but he might tear up.

9. He loves to watch pictures of us on his plasma tv.

10. He likes Nora Jones.

11. He raises koi fish.

12. He's the friendliest usher/deacon you'll ever meet.

13. He throws his head back when he laughs & sometimes laughs so hard he cries.

14. He makes a really good Santa.

15. He gets stressed out on the drive to the airport.

16. He loves good shrimp.

17. He can do anything. Really.

18. He thinks his wife can do anything (it's true, she can).

19. He thinks his kids can do anything and tells them so.

20. He gives really good hugs to his grandkids.

21. He eats a lot of cereal (used to be Bran Flakes, now it's Wheaties).

22. He doesn't care for animals (see #7 & 8).

23. He and my mom pray for us every single night before they go to sleep.

24. He is tender-hearted.

25. He gives really good advice over the phone.

26. He has a good solution for everything.

27. He makes everything look easy.

28. If you send him to the grocery store, he comes home with lots of snacks.

29. He isn't picky/particular about things.

30. He knows what's important and lives accordingly.

31. He really, really hates english peas.

32. He dresses conservatively.

33. He knows how to play "Puff the Magic Dragon" on the guitar.

34. He's really good at building things, including houses.

35. He's good with computers & stays up-to-date with technology.

36. He enjoys a good, close football game.

37. He enjoys Nascar, but even more so if there's a good wreck.

38. He's got some 'entrepreneur' in him that we'll probably see more of someday when he retires.

39. He's a good boss and a loyal employee.

40. He is reliable & responsible.

41. He's not big on surprises.

42. He'd like it if we all lived a little bit closer.

43. He enjoys driving more than flying.

44. He loves to go snow skiing.

45. Incompetent sales people really frustrate him.

46. He loves the Lord with all his heart.

47. He prays for wisdom.

48. He likes to sleep in on Saturdays & really enjoys his Sunday nap.

49. He has the bluest eyes in the family.

50. He grills really good pork chops.

51. He doesn't enjoy shopping.

52. He wants a boat.

53. His 50th birthday was on September 11, 2001.

54. He likes sitting out on his porch & listening to the waves.

55. He likes strawberry ice cream.

56. He's the best dad ever & I love him very much!