Friday, March 28, 2008


I owe you LOTS of pictures...Spring Break, Easter, etc. I haven't even pulled them off my memory card yet, but I promise I'll get to it soon!

In the meantime, here's a cute Kallie story. We had just gotten back from Florida and Kallie was especially whiny at dinner one night. She was pouting about having to sit at the table, I think. Finally, Shane looked at her and said, "Little girl, you're not on vacation anymore. I suggest you wipe that frown off your face." Kallie then proceeded (with all the seriousness a four-year-old can possibly have) to take her napkin and wipe her mouth with it. The frown went away. Ah, sweet Kallie.

I guess I should give you updates on the boys too. Luke is pure joy these days. He is a little ball of energy. He is ridiculously happy. He doesn't walk...he doesn't run...he skips. Everywhere. It's so cute. His language is exploding. I don't think there's much he can't say. He communicates very well. His favorite things to do are read books (he is a bit obsessive with his books), eat chocolate (yep, obsessive with that too), empty drawers, color (obsessive with this too...LOVES to color...and loves to have us color things for him...these are his regular demands: sun, doggie, moon, flower, heart), and he really, really enjoys his class at preschool. He loves it when Daddy comes home & screams "Daddy! Hi Daddy!" everytime. He's been coloring on walls, doors and furniture lately too. He is very messy. He crushes food and somehow distributes it all over the house. He is a super-duper sleeper. I mean, the boy can sleep. (Thank you Lord!)

Seth is getting so big. He had his first oral report at school. He talked about the poison dart frog that lives in the rainforest. He is such a sweet kid. He is reading like a champ. It really is an amazing thing to watch a child learn to read. We are so proud of him.

Well, that's all for now. Check back soon for pictures!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chocolate Monster

I found Luke up on the counter tonight eating all the Hershey Kisses out of the snack basket. This was after he found and finished a box of Junior Mints that were leftover from Amanda's baby shower. This was the cute part, by the way. The not-so-cute part was when I turned the camera off and made him get down. It wasn't pretty.