Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seth's New Bible

Well, the story begins with Seth coming home from Sunday school & telling us that we have to buy him a Bible because when everyone in his class brings one they get to have a party! Wouldn't you know the pastor's kid is the last one in the class to bring a Bible? Now, don't get me wrong, he has lots of children's Bibles with stories in them...he just didn't have a real Bible.

So he & Daddy took a trip to Mardel to pick out a new Bible for Seth. Now if you know Shane, you know that he doesn't do (or buy) anything halfway. So Seth not only came home with a cool, new Bible (it's actually called a superhero Bible...all of the "heroes" of the Bible are featured throughout), but they also got a Bible cover with tons of pockets & gadgets (it even has a compass on it), and also the entire Bible (read by kids) on cd. I can't even tell you how excited he was about this Bible! He didn't put it down for days. Everyone he saw at church, whether he knew them or not, got stopped so that he could tell them all about it. (And yes, they got to have their party) forward a few weeks to today (Saturday). I was sitting in my office this morning with my Bible & journal when Seth walked in wanting to know what I was doing. He is in school every morning when I usually have my quiet time and doesn't see it. I explained to Him that I was reading a chapter in James & then writing in my journal what God taught me. Well he ran upstairs & got his Bible & a spiral notebook & sat down next to me.

He decided he wanted to read John 6, so I read him a short passage from it & here's what he wrote in his journal:


John 6

Men went in the boat

Jesus walked on water


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

We passed out valentines to each other after Seth got home from school today. The kids made their own this for everybody. There are only 5 of us, but it's amazing how many valentines that turns into when each person gives everyone a card!

Luke enjoyed his first Valentine's Day, even though he didn't know what was going on!

Seth brought home a box full of valentines from school too!

Kallie's favorite part of Valentine's Day...the candy!

Daddy even got to satisfy his sweet tooth...

Luke looked at his money and thought...Hmmm...I wonder what this is??

Well, I guess I'll just eat it!!

Luke figured out how to clap today! He is so adorable...he gets SO excited!!

House Guests & More!

We had a house-full-o'-fun this past weekend! On Saturday night, Brian, Mary & Hannah (my brother, sister-in-law & niece) spent the night, and then on Sunday night, Patrick, Sheri, Emma & Ellie (Sheri's our long-time friend from Jax) spent the night!

Isn't that a sweet family? It was so fun to see Brian, Mary & Hannah IN TEXAS! They even went to church with us!

Uncle Brian & Seth shared an "engineering moment" with Seth's magnetix.

Everyone who saw Hannah commented on her pretty eyes! She is starting to scoot around & has turned into a wiggle worm!

Sheri read Kallie & Emma Grace a bedtime story. We thought the slumber party for the girls in Kallie's bed would be a good idea, but the party got broken up about 12:30! Kallie would love it if Emma lived in Texas!

Ellie Claire is 1 1/2. She is absolutely adorable and can even dance! :)

I'm throwing in a few other pictures from the last few days. Luke has officially conquered the "pincher" grasp. He loves baby goldfish!

Have you ever seen a more pitiful face than that picture of Luke in his high chair? He is getting all 4 top teeth in at once while trying to get over a double ear infection. Poor baby!

Kallie is quite the self-entertaining child. I caught her having tea with Barney and her Care Bear.

Monday, February 05, 2007

This is what you get when...

...Daddy is out of town, Mommy is tired, Luke is sick & screaming, everyone is hungry, and the kitchen table is covered with half-made valentines...
(frozen waffles for dinner on the kitchen floor!)

...Daddy is out of town, Mommy is tired, Luke is sick & screaming, everyone is dirty & there's way too much time to kill until bedtime...

(wrinkly feet from playing in the bathtub for a really, really, really long time!)

...Daddy is out of town and Mommy is tired of not being able to make Luke stop crying...
(FINALLY a happy baby once he's in the tub playing with his brother & sister!)