Friday, November 16, 2007

My little turkeys!!

Luke & Kallie's little school had a Thanksgiving feast yesterday. They had turkey dinners from Boston Market with corn and macaroni & cheese. Can you tell he enjoyed it? This kid loves to eat. He had seconds. They were the cutest bunch of turkeys you've ever seen. And all of their placemats had their pictures on them. So precious.
Here's the one-year-old table...
This is Kallie's best buddy Connor...
And here's a few random pictures. This was Luke on Sunday morning. He woke up that morning with a crick in his neck and literally lay in the same spot for TWO HOURS. At the time I was worried there was something wrong with him, but it was really sweet to have a calm, still baby for once.
I snapped this right before he saw me the other day at school. I think it's so cute how they walk around in a line with their arms through these little rings. As soon as he saw me he dropped it and ran. The teachers started singing, "and another one's down, and another one's down..." Apparently the moms kept showing up. :)

Oh, and here's my new haircut. I think I'm 5 pounds lighter.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

We've got spirit, yes we do!

So we decided to go with the football theme for the costumes this year. We went to Trunk or Treat at church & the kids had a blast. Every single time I turned around Luke had a different sucker in his mouth that someone had unwrapped & given to him. After you watch the videos of the kids, be sure to watch the videos at the end of the post. Our children's pastor is a professional illusionist, and this year he decided to use someone new as his assistant. Be sure to listen to Kallie screaming "Daddy" in the background of the second one. You'd think my kids would have been traumatized by the whole thing, but they thought it was hilarious. No sympathy at all for the Great Ape.





part 1: "There's a monkey in my church!"

part 2: "Who is that masked man?"

part 3: "Tu-tu be or not to be?"

As my friend Emily said so perfectly, HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!