Saturday, December 23, 2006

Baby's First Christmas - 2006

Luke is 7 months old & at such a fun age! He is going to love being in the middle of everything this year. He is crawling everywhere, and as you can see below...he's really wanting to stand up. He tries so hard - he was pulling up yesterday on the steps at church. He is such a happy long as there's someone close to him!

Santa came early!

Well, since we were going to be in Florida this year for Christmas Day, Santa agreed to stop by early. Kallie and Seth wrote Santa letters last night and left him some milk & cookies. They were SO excited! All day they kept asking when it would be bedtime so that they could go to sleep & he could come!

Seth's favorite present was a Long Shot Nerf Gun. He talked about this for months. (although he calls it a "nerth" gun)

Kallie's favorite present was a Check-Up Center for her baby dolls. She was writing on her "chart" in this picture. She didn't ask for it (because she doesn't know what she wants) but we knew she would like it.

I think Luke enjoyed his stocking full of pacifiers the most.

He got a cool ball-popping toy that he probably will eventually enjoy...but today no one seemed to let him play with it.
Daddy & Seth had fun playing Nerf guns.

Mommy & Kallie had fun playing babies.

Luke just had fun with anything he could find...including the phone.
It was a wonderful Christmas morning!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Seth's Donkey Debut!

Seth's school had their Christmas program today, and Seth was......the donkey! He walked up on stage with Mary and Joseph and sat in the stable during the program. He was so proud of himself and did such a good job. We thought he was the cutest donkey we had ever seen.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow & New Floors!

That's right, it snowed in Texas! The kids wanted to make snowballs, but their hands were too cold because we don't have any gloves, so they ended up scooping up the snow with spoons and flinging it at each other. They only lasted out there about 5 minutes. It was brrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold!! Kallie was eventually not very happy, as you can see. Oh, and Luke hates hats.

Our new living room floor is finished! It only took Shane one week and he did a FABULOUS job. We love it! He says that every inch of his body hurts though.