Monday, February 02, 2009

Belated Post #1: Thanksgiving in Mississippi

Blogging may not be very time consuming for some people, but for me it is quite a task. And the number one reason is this....I HAVE SOOOOOOO MANY PICTURES!! It is so difficult to sort through all of them and pick which ones to post. I probably take at least one picture every single day of our lives. So here are the thirten chosen ones (pictures, that is) from our Thanksgiving trip...

We would have loved to go home for Thanksgiving, but it's hard to justify an 18-hour trip home when you can only stay for the weekend. parents decided to rent a condo on the beach in Mississippi & we all met there.

We were so excited that Grandma & Grandpa agreed to come! It was wonderful having them with us!

Walking to the beach...

The boys got to play a little pool...

But mostly this is what they did....Mario Kart! I actually even got 1st place on one race, although I don't think any of them would admit it.

Luke making one of his typical Mommy-has-the-camera-pointed-at-me faces...
Luke loves Aunt Steph!

I love the smile on Papa's face here.
Here's Nana & Kallie taking a power nap to get ready for the best part of our trip...

PAJAMA JAM !!!!!!!! On Thanksgiving night, the huge outlet mall in town opened at midnight for Black Friday, and if you wore your pajamas you got a treat bag! So all the girls went shopping in our pj's!

Grandma and Kallie only made it a few hours before they went back to the condo. But Mom, Steph and I stayed out ALL NIGHT and had a blast!! We loved it!
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. The only thing we missed was having Brian, Mary & Hannah with us. We have so much to be thankful for, and my family is definitely at the top of our list.


Diane Taylor said...

Awwww...that seems like such a long time ago! We did have a great time -- we are very blessed indeed. You must be feeling better! I'll look forward to seeing the Christmas blog! I'm glad you're back at it :)!

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