Monday, November 24, 2008

These are a few of my favorite Luke.

1. Wanket
I LOVE my blanket. I try to carry it around all day, but Mommy sneaks it away. The teachers at school like to call me Linus.

2. Hoi-see
This horsie was Seth's when he was a baby, but I recently discovered it and it has been permanently attached to my ear ever since. It plays lots of my favorite songs. I like to dance to them too.

3. White-Man
Daddy keeps telling me it's BATMAN, not White-Man, but that's just what I call it. I love to dress up and show my muscles.

4. Mrs. Tammi
I heart Mrs. Tammi. She is my favorite teacher. If Mommy knows I'm about to go into a class with another teacher she has to start warning me the day before so that I can get used to the idea.

5. Wauklet Milk
Yep, chocolate milk is soooooo yummy!!! Mommy especially enjoys finding old cups of chocolate milk under the couch, in my bed, and in other hiding places. Have you ever seen what chocolate milk turns into after about a day?

6. Waum-ade
Lemonade is my #2 favorite drink. It is not as fun to look at when it's a few days old though.

7. Hamming it up for the camera
Mommy likes to take lots of pictures of me. She always says "Smile Luke, smile!!!!!" and this is what I do instead. I think it's funnier.

8. Singing my ABCD's
Here I am for your viewing & listening pleasure...

9. Singing Winkle Star

This one's actually my favorite. The ABC song just made the list because it has the same tune.

10. Being two-and-a-half
Mommy took my two-and-a-half-year-old pictures today. Did you see all those faces I made in #7? Well...I thought of a bunch more, so this was the only good smiling picture Mommy got. Aren't I cute?


Diane Taylor said... are cute! Can't WAIT to see you this week!

Tami Muhlbauer said...

How precious!!

Ok...finding cups with old milk in them just grosses me out! I usually end up throwing the cup away if it's really bad!

Ashlee Davis said...

what a sweet post. he is a cutie.