Monday, October 06, 2008

Just for fun...

My friend Emily tagged me (under slight duress) to post 7 things about myself that you may or may not know about me. So here's my list:

1. I don't enjoy anything at all about planning or preparing meals. In fact, if I were being really honest, I'd admit that I wish food were an option rather than a necessity. My pastor from a long time ago used to talk about how he couldn't wait to get to heaven so that he could eat all the time and not gain weight. I can't wait to get to heaven so that I never have to prepare a meal again.

2. I'm incredibly unobservant. Case in point...a few days ago I was a having a conversation with someone about countertops. I knew what color ours were, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what our edges looked like.

3. I have a ridiculously sensitive gag reflex. If I'm not hungry and try to eat anyway, I gag. Yesterday on the way to church I started gagging as soon as I smelled the sausage rolls Shane brought into the car.

4. I secretly want to have twins one day. (Don't tell Shane.)

5. I only wash my hair every 3rd day. Hey, it's very, very thick.

6. For some reason I can't seem to just take the first item off the shelf when I'm shopping. I have to get one from the back.

7. I eat another meal every night around midnight. I can't go to sleep it I don't.

Okay, now that you know all my weird-isms, I'm tagging Tami, Jeni, & Mary!


Alli said...

About #6.... I'm weird like that too! Well, I try to to be oc about it, but most of the time, I do that! Or if the box even has a slight crease in it, I'll look for one that is "perfect". ugh. Shame on me. In my defense, when it comes to cans, I did hear to not buy ones that have dents in them. I don't know why, but "they" said not to do it!

#7...I do the same thing! I guess it's our build? Blood sugar issues?

Alli said...

"I try not to be oc"

Melissa said...

This list is cracking me up!

Jeni said...

Three comments:

1. I do #6, too. Thought I was the only one. Huh?

2. You eat FOUR meals a day and still weigh a buck nothin'??? Life is so ridiculously unfair.

3. Why oh why did you have to tag me???? You do realize that people already think I'm weird enough as it is without putting the proof out there on the internet for the world to read, don't you? =)

Brittnie said...

I am cracking up on the gag reflex one. I remember you telling me years ago when you were pregnant with Seth that you were so afraid you wouldn't be able to change his diapers!